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Experience in manufacturing ropes and cords


Since 1940 we have been manufacturing cords for various industries and uses. Quality, service and innovation are the key of our success, which is the result of the experience acquired during all this time, investment in new technologies and a highly qualified team.
  • Exhaustive control of quality.


  • Continuos research and investment in our facilities. Constantly improvement of our product processes.


  • Permanent development and optimization of a wide range of products suitable with needs of each market.


  • Totally adapted services to each customer’s requirement
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We are all made of small cords


Although we don't realize it, cords are part of our daily life, so we can say that "we are all made of small cords". We hope you enjoy this beautiful story where mystery, love and a good friendship are mixed that will change the lives of our protagonists forever.

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How far do you want to go to


And you? How many Vivocord products do you find in your day to day?