The appearance in our lives of the Covid-19 has caused a series of important changes that we have had to get used to in a short time.

One of the most important elements to fight the virus are the masks that have been of great importance since the beginning of the pandemic, so taking advantage of the existing infrastructures and the experience we have gained at Sempere Textil, SL- VIVOCORD manufacturing products for the food industry, we have adapted a new section within our facilities with the appropriate conditions for the manufacture of elastic rope, an item that from the beginning has been a major shortage in the market due to its high demand without little national production, with the problems of having to import it from outside.

For several weeks we have worked in collaboration with some national PPE manufacturing companies to obtain an innovative product which also had to to meet some kind of particular requirements. The result is a product made 100% in Spain with great features of elasticity, comfort and fair compression.