During the last years the market of the cured ham industry has been changing its type of sale and nowadays more hams are sold by pieces. For this reason, people are seeking to economize, as far as possible, the cost of ham and an important part is in the cord used to hang the pieces, since the more cords are obtained per kilo, the lower the unit cost. In VIVOCORD we saw this trend and a while ago we developed our patented "knotlesscord" system in which the traditional knot is replaced by a system of joining the ends, which reduces the amount of cord used in the knot and this way increases its performance, obtaining a very economical product due to its low weight and at the same time offering a very good image of the final product.


This was the first step in the development of new models, always using polymeric materials 100% suitable to be in contact with food. We have recently released new models that can be supplied either with the traditional knotting system or with the "knotlesscord" system mentioned above, obtaining a very good response from our customers, since in addition to its low cost, another advantage is regarding the saving in the fee for the recycling, as less waste is put in the market, helping our environment.